Monday, July 2, 2012

Farm House

Below is a link to a creepy story about an old farm house just outside of town.

Old Church/ now apartments

Right next to the A&M-Commerce's "One Stop Shop," stands a house that looks dark from the outside, and is surely on the inside.  Tennants have been reported to have fled the building leaving all of their possessions behind. The lady that lives next door will tell anyone of the dark evil entity inside of the building.

One tennant tells of an incident where their ceiling fan was destroyed and all of the blades completely ripped off of the motor.  With no possible explanation, one has to wonder. 

A sound of a growl has been captured and is viewable in the link below.

During a birthday party being held in the downstairs.  Sounds of pounding and banging were heard coming from the upstairs.  No one was upstairs at that time.

Family Housing (Texas A&M University Commerce)

Not much yet known on this, but more to come....

Shadow figures and other events reported on the now demolished family housing.  Will they stay, or will they leave?  Residents in the new buildings will have to see for us.

The Hall of Languages (Texas A&M University of Commerce)

The A&M-Commerce Hall of Languages has been known as the worst building on campus if you desire peace and tranquility.  The building is known as an evil location, where one does not want to mess with the entities.  Once the library, and built in the 1930s, the building looks creepy alone. 

A team of investigators was locked down in the Hall a couple of years ago, and there story is one of pure fright.  Other than seeing ghostly human like figures, and hearing the typical noises, they observed a loud demonic scream throughout the building. Below is the link to the news article speaking about the occasion.

From loud unexplained bangs late at night, to apparition sightings, this building has to be the most haunted on the campus.  Even professors will not work in the building late at night with their office door open.

Gee Library: on campus of Texas A&M University of Commerce

Commerce is a hot bed for some ghostly stories.  The University (Texas A&M University of Commerce) enrolls around 13,000 students, and the University also houses some crazy ghost stories.  This is what has been seen in Gee Library (as far as I know at the moment). 

On the 5th floor, shadow figures have been seen throughout the floor.  TODAY someone reported seening a shadow figure looking at from the other side of a book shelf.  When he went to look for the thing he though was a person, no one was there. 

TODAY::: a cup that has been on a shelf for years has fallen after a large bang is heard.  The room that it was in was empty.  This was after this student (me) decided to stupidly taunt what ever was there by calling it a moronic woosey.  Note to all--- don't do that.